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Steps to Make the Car Air Conditioner Cool the Interior Faster~~🌬️

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To enjoy your trip, here's a little tip for cooling down your car faster in this hot hot summer🌞:⁠

1️⃣ Open the left front and right rear or right front and left rear windows at the same time⁠ to discharge the hot air in the car quickly⁠

If the car is driving at a high speed, the disadvantage of opening the sunroof is that the wind noise is very loud. At this time, we can choose to open the left front half and right rear half or right front half and left rear windows half at the same time, so that not only wind noise can be minimized, and the air in the car can flow faster, and the ventilation effect is to achieve the best.⁠

⁠2️⃣While the hot air flows out, turning the A/C on at a lower level.⁠

At this time, the A/C system just starts processing to make cold air, so you don't need to turn the A/C at a high level. Even if you do, the air that comes out will be hot or warm.⁠

3️⃣When you feel the air generally cools down, close all windows and point the vents into your arm areas.⁠

When you are driving, your hands and arms should be closest to the vents. When some parts of your body feel the cool air, you will feel cool. ⁠

4️⃣If you are driving long distance, turn off the recirculation mode once in a while to get some fresh air⁠

You may feel dizzy or uncomfortable if you stay in your car for a long time with no fresh air. So either turn on the fresh air mode or open your window a bit once in a while. ⁠

5️⃣Last but not least! At the end of your driving, turn off the A/C 5 minutes before you shut off your vehicle but leave the fan on. This will allow the entire A/C unit to dry much more thoroughly every time you use it. This will help prevent the mold and bacteria from growing in your A/C system, otherwise, you may feel a foul smell from your A/C vents later. ⁠

Let us know if you find this tip helpful. And hope you enjoy your long weekend~~~⁠

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