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Best Places to Visit in Canada in Winter (Part 1)

Even with the extremely cold temperatures and possible challenges of winter weather, Canada has much to offer, making it worth exploring during the winter season. Although it can be very tempting to just stay home and hibernate, one shouldn’t miss the opportunity to enjoy Canada’s gorgeous natural landscapes, abundant winter sports opportunities, and the chance to experience the charm of festivals and cozy winter getaways. 

Winter is also considered an off-peak season for most parts of the country and draws less crowds compared to other peak seasons like summer. Canadian winter is definitely colder, lovelier and more affordable and is a really good time to travel with your loved ones. Not convinced yet? Check out these beautiful winter destinations from different provinces across Canada that will make you want to plan your trip and pack your bags:  

Blue Mountain in Ontario

The Blue Mountain, located in Georgian Bay, Ontario, is a premier destination for winter aficionados as it offers a combination of outdoor adventure, natural beauty, vibrant village life, and relaxation. Visitors can enjoy various winter sports and activities such as skiing, skating, sledding, snowboarding and so much more. They even have snow school programs for newbies or those who want to upgrade their snow sporting skills. Not into winter sports? No worries! You can visit Blue Mountain Village where you can eat out, go shopping, take advantage of the free horse and wagon ride, or just enjoy the majestic winter views. After a day of winter activities or exploration, you can head to their Scandinavian spa to relax, unwind, and refresh. 

Banff in Alberta

Banff, which is located in the Canadian Rockies of Alberta, is one of the most celebrated destinations for winter enthusiasts not just in Canada, but all over the world. Not only does it offer superb winter activities and majestic natural sceneries, it also offers relaxation and cultural experiences, making it an excellent destination for those seeking a memorable winter getaway in a stunning alpine setting. It is also identified as a UNESCO Heritage Site because of its breathtaking views and landscapes. It’s every photographer’s dream, but even though you are not a pro, you can definitely capture so many beautiful photos perfect for your social media feeds. You can even enjoy the views in a gondola! How amazing is that? You can also enjoy winter sports and activities such as skiing, skating, snowshoeing, tobogganing and dog sledding. For relaxation, take a dip in Banff’s upper hot springs for that unique unwinding experience. 

Tofino in British Columbia

Visiting Tofino in winter can be a unique and peaceful getaway, providing a different perspective on this scenic coastal town on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Although dubbed as the surfing capital of Canada, Tofino is more than just a summer getaway spot which you can definitely enjoy in the winter. If you also want to escape the snow, this could be a perfect destination for you. Tofino is known for its storm-watching season, which can be enjoyed from November to February. The winter storms that come in from the Pacific Ocean create dramatic and sensational waves you can also watch from your accommodation or local restaurants while enjoying Tofino’s delicious food and drinks. Aside from that, you can also enjoy exploring Tofino’s endless beaches making it a memorable ‘one-with-nature’ experience in winter. 

FortWhyte Alive in Manitoba

FortWhyte Alive is a go-to nature and environmental education center located in Winnipeg. Visiting FortWhyte Alive in winter offers a unique and a 360-degree experience providing opportunities to appreciate the natural beauty and tranquility of winter while engaging in a wide range of winter activities, learning about the environment, and supporting a valuable cause. Of course, just like any other places on this list, you can do lots of winter sports and activities here like skiing, skating, snowshoeing and many more. However, what sets FortWhyte Alive apart from these places is its commitment to environmental preservation and education. A visit to this place does not only benefit you, but benefit the environment and contribute to their sustainability efforts. How cool is that? 

Prince Albert National Park in Saskatchewan 

Prince Albert National Park in Saskatchewan has a peaceful and magnificent natural landscape, an array of outdoor activities, and gives visitors the opportunity to connect with nature and wildlife in winter. Whether you're hungry for an adventure or a peaceful escape, the park turns into a winter wonderland and has so much to offer during the winter season. The park’s boreal forest, pristine lakes, and frozen rivers all seem like a scene straight out of a storybook! Snow-laden trees and shimmering snow create picturesque scenes and excellent photo opportunities. You can also enjoy winter activities such as skiing, skating, snowshoeing and curling (which is big in Saskatchewan). You can also enjoy dogsledding for a different kind of adventure.  

Cape Breton Highlands National Park in Nova Scotia

Next on our list is Cape Breton Highlands National park located in Nova Scotia. It is one of the most picturesque places you will ever visit. Its unique ‘mountain meets the sea’ offering makes it perfect for photo ops and exciting road trip experience. You can enjoy exciting winter activities such as downhill skiing and snowboarding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and nording skiing. You can also relax and unwind in their wood fired hot tub that is just perfect in winter. What’s more is that you can connect with the locals and immerse in their culture by working with local artisans to craft unique pieces you can take home or give your friends back home as a souvenir. 

Preparing for your Winter getaway

Preparing for a winter road adventure is important to ensure your safety and comfort as you will be driving in potentially difficult weather conditions. Here's a list of things you can prepare before embarking on a winter road trip:

  1. Check your vehicle: Check your car’s overall condition, including brakes, engine, lights, and fluid levels. Perform any necessary repairs or maintenance. Also check your car’s HVAC system and make sure it is working properly. One of the easier ways to do that is to check if your cabin air filter is not clogged or dirty. If it needs replacing, order a high quality one like that from FreshenOpt ahead of time and have it delivered straight to your home. 
  1. Equip your car with the right tires: Installing winter tires this season is essential for road safety as they have a better grip and traction. Compared to regular tires, winter tires essentially can withstand the fierce winter cold and are definitely a must for winter driving. 
  1. Prepare an Emergency Kit: Winter is beautiful, but of course it can be unpredictable at times no matter how hard you prepare for it. Bring non-perishable food and water, as well as a can opener and utensils. Pack an emergency kit that includes essential items such as a flashlight, batteries, a first-aid kit, blankets, and  extra warm clothing. If you plan to stay outdoors, the OUTASK Telescoping Lantern is something you should bring with you. It is a perfect light source boasting Orange LEDs & Warm White LEDs perfect for stopovers, camping and emergency situations. It also has a magnetic base you can easily attach to your car for flexibility and convenience. 
  1. Bring Snow Removal Tools: Bring with you an ice scraper, snow brush, and even a shovel to remove snow and ice from your vehicle's windows, roof, and the area around your tires if ever you need it cleared. 
  1. Ensure GPS and Communication systems are working: Make sure your GPS system is up to date and functioning properly in case you need to navigate in harsh snowy and icy roads. Also, don’t forget to bring with you a fully charged cell phone, a car charger, or even a power bank for communication in case of emergencies. 

By taking these simple precautionary steps and properly preparing for your winter escapade, you'll be better equipped to handle the potential challenges that come with winter driving and ensure a safe and enjoyable vacation. 

More winter getaway destinations in other parts of Canada TO BE CONTINUED...

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