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4 Simple Car Cleaning Habits To Add To Your New Year's Resolutions

The busy, indulgent, and sometimes stressful year-end holidays and celebrations are finally behind us. We might have celebrated and spent a bit too much, but it's usually that time of the year when most people just give themselves a little wiggle room to enjoy and indulge themselves. But when the new year rolls around, a lot of people take this time as an opportunity to focus on themselves by setting goals or resolutions to improve their habits and lifestyles. 

For most of us, our goals are usually geared towards self improvement - whether it's exercising, eating healthier food, meditating or gaining a new skill. Unfortunately, we tend to overlook and not think about habits related to our cars. However, we should keep in mind that they could also use a little bit of extra care and love. After all, purchasing a car is a huge investment on our end so we should keep it in tip-top shape and look its best for as long as we can.  

When it comes to new year resolutions, we must keep in mind that they have to be realistic and attainable. When it's too hard, making a habit out of it is close to impossible. The same goes for cleaning your car, so we have made a list of four simple car cleaning habits you can easily add to your new year resolutions.

  1. Waxing Your Car

Applying wax to your car is more than just giving it an extra shine and making it look brand new. When you do it, you are adding an additional layer of protection that helps make the paint last longer and reduces the accumulation of dirt and grime on your car. Waxing is especially important in the winter months as it helps repel water and snow making car wash intervals longer which is really helpful as washing your car in this cold weather can be a challenging and chilly task. Do this at least twice a year, or depending on your own individual car needs,

You can have your car waxed by your trusted car care centers or you can do it yourself at a fraction of the cost. You can get your preferred car wax in-store or online and remember to use the right tools during application. You can use FreshenOpt’s Microfiber Towel to apply and buff off the wax. 


  1. Cleaning Your Car’s Interior

Cleaning your car's interior is as important, if not more important than cleaning its exterior as you spend most of your time inside it. Dust and dirt can easily accumulate on and under the seats, windows, windshield, carpets, and even on your dashboard and vents. Taking the time to dust, wipe and vacuum the inside of your car can really add up to that overall pleasant driving and riding experience. 

When wiping down the interior of your car, just be careful not to damage parts such as its windows and windshield by using delicate materials such as FreshenOpt’s Multifunctional Towel. Its coral velvet side is ultra soft and  plush that won”t scratch or damage your car’s glass parts and other surfaces. For harder to clean parts such as vents, you can use FreshenOpt’s Multifunctional Cleaner that has both a brush and a microfiber cleaning that can fit and effortlessly remove dust and dirt.

Cleaning your car’s interior regularly and as needed can help maintain the integrity of your car. When you see it starting to look dirty, try to vacuum, wipe and dust it as soon as you can. If you let it sit for too long, you may need to spend more money and time for interior detailing and cleaning costs. 


  1. Check and Change Cabin Air Filter Regularly

One of the simplest, easiest, yet overlooked ways to ensure your car is clean is to make sure its cabin air filter is not clogged or dirty. Cabin air filters are important as they filter debris, particles, and even viruses/bacteria that enter your car. What’s even better is that It usually only takes a few minutes to check and even replace dirty ones so it’s something you can easily add to your routine without breaking a sweat. If you are not sure where and how to check or replace your cabin air filter, you can check this video for reference. 

  1. Keeping Your Car Smelling Fresh

As our cars are usually extensions of our own homes, we tend to leave a lot of stuff in it such as personal items and even food! It’s okay to leave clothes or shoes inside the car but we have to make sure they are clean and smell fresh. Clothes or even shoes drenched in sweat, when left inside the car, are breeding grounds for mildew, yeast and bacteria. The same goes for food. Food can spoil quickly and develop molds and bacteria too. These items will make your car smell nasty for days or even longer as smells usually linger for a long time. So make it a habit to not leave these things inside your precious car. For that extra touch of freshness, you can also try FreshenOpt’s oil diffuser, aroma diffusers and air fresheners to keep your car smelling nice this new year.

Stay Committed and Consistent

These are just four simple habits you can easily integrate into your lifestyles and routines to keep your cars clean this 2024. Although sticking to our resolutions can be a bit tough as we progress into the year, just keep in mind that these simple ways can go a long way if done consistently, and of course with the right products. For reliable and premium car care parts and accessories, feel free to check out FreshenOpt’s website for more details. 

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